NETPLUZ Extends its Arm to Greater China Through Strategic Partnership with Nova Global ICT

NETPLUZ Extends its Arm to Greater China Through Strategic Partnership with Nova Global ICT

NETPLUZ Extends its Arm to Greater China Through Strategic Partnership with Nova Global ICT, Enabling Redefined Secure Connectivity Services and Expanding Service Coverage


Singapore, [14 August] – NETPLUZ, the renowned leader in managed communication services, is thrilled to announce its strategic alliance with Nova Global ICT, a prominent provider of Dedicated Network Communication services with a strong foothold in Greater China. This groundbreaking partnership not only aims to enhance SD-WAN-related businesses and projects in Singapore and regional markets, including Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand but also leverages Nova Global ICT's expertise and extensive network in the Greater China region.

Furthermore, NETPLUZ will establish a robust framework to offer back-end services and service-level support for NOVA GLOBAL's business in the region. This framework ensures seamless operations and impeccable customer service, allowing clients to leverage the combined expertise and capabilities of both NETPLUZ and Nova Global ICT.

This strategic partnership between NETPLUZ and Nova Global ICT unlocks a range of benefits for customers. One key advantage is the extended coverage area for services like SD-WAN, which enhances network connectivity and optimizes performance across diverse geographic locations. By collaborating with Nova Global ICT, NETPLUZ can now provide its customers with a wider range of services, catering to the evolving needs of businesses in the region. This collaboration empowers businesses with cutting-edge solutions and innovative technologies, enabling them to drive growth and achieve their digital transformation goals.

"We are thrilled about our strategic partnership with Nova Global ICT," said Mr Lau Leng Fong, Chief Executive Officer of NETPLUZ. "By joining forces and leveraging each other's strengths, we can deliver our customers an expanded range of services and broader coverage area. This partnership further strengthens our commitment to providing exceptional managed communication solutions and solidifies our position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient connectivity."

The collaboration between NETPLUZ and Nova Global ICT is a significant milestone in the industry, as it brings together two industry leaders to create synergies and unlock new possibilities for businesses across Singapore and regional markets. Through joint efforts, the partnership aims to drive digital transformation, improve operational efficiency, and propel businesses towards sustainable growth leveraging Nova Global ICT's powerful presence in Greater China as a catalyst for success.


About Netpluz

Netpluz is a one-stop managed communications service provider for businesses that delivers reliable, high-performance communications services to businesses across the Asia Pacific region. Core Business into data, voice, video, cybersecurity, mobility and analytics needs. Netpluz aims to simplify and satisfy communications needs to clients through the delivery of high-quality managed data, and voice over a single converged network. To be the top managed communications service provider in Asia Pacific.

About Nova Global

Nova Global ICT is an international unit of NOVA Technology Corporation (listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Stock Code 300921), managing both inbound and outbound requirements across the China border. Nova has been in the Greater China market since 1996, operating over 70 POPs across the nation, to ensure better reach, resilience, and highly secured solutions to our customers. With 400+ highly skilled and certified professionals, proficient in local culture/knowledge, accomplishing considerable scale of complex projects, from MNCs, ISPs & Telco. Core business on Internet Acceleration (AS9809/AS63981), IEPL, MPLS, SD-WAN/SASE, Colocation, Cloud, Digital Engineering, ICT solutions, and other inter-operated/R&D services.



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