Benefit of Wi-Fi Mobility for Office Purpose


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Benefits of Wi-Fi Mobility for Office Purpose

Having wireless interconnectivity is one of the requirements for businesses to stand out nowadays, as more and more people are connected to the digital world to find information. Having wifi installed in the office has proved to benefit the business owner and their employee when working on a daily basis for their mobility. Even though working remotely has been a default status since Covid-19 hits hard but WiFi connection is still important for companies that require the physical presence of employees in the office.

Based on the study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (IEU,) it’s known that having wifi installed in the office will have a positive effect on both business owner and their employee on their mobility. The study said that workers with high mobility and who use their mobile technology well are typically more productive, creative, satisfied, and loyal.

The 1,865 employees surveyed by IEU found that organizations that rated as pioneers with respect to mobile enablement saw a 16% boost in their productivity, 18 percent increases in creativity, 23 percent more satisfied, and 21 percent become more loyal when compared to companies or other organizations that ranked poorly with respect to supporting mobile technology.

Mobility Within the Office
Having Wi-Fi installed in the office is one way an organization can support the mobility of their employee to progress and engage more with them. Wi-Fi in the office is great for convenience as it will allow employees to work and access network resources from anywhere. For example, employees can work and access information when they are in a meeting room or any part of the place in the office aside from their own cubicle.

Increase Employee Productivity

When companies support mobile enablement and their employee’s mobility, employees become more productive because they will focus more on the assigned task regardless of the location. When employees can connect to the internet anywhere within the office, they can collaborate and engage more quickly in real-time. Thus, it will reduce any delays and increase more on their productivity while working.

Simpler Infrastructure

When the office supports a wireless connection, it’s simpler to organize the office layout and desk location for the employee. This becomes easier as the office layout won’t be dictated by the cables and wires installation that sometimes is expensive to purchase and maintain over time.

More insight through Wi-Fi Analytics in Office

Nowadays Wi-Fi is getting better with its analytics feature, such as tracking devices based on location. Having such Wi-Fi installed in the office could help to conduct data and more insight about your employee for better strategic planning when designing an office layout, employee attendance or to locate employees during an emergency if they are still within the office or building in the event of an evacuation.

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