5 SSL VPN benefits for your business productivity

5 SSL VPN benefits for your business productivity

With majority of businesses required to work from home because of the COVID-19 situation, businesses implementing SSL VPN will enable them to continue work remotely. There are several stories about how SSL VPN become one of the huge successful technology stories. If you’re interested, read on about why SSL VPN is valuable and vital for your business to be implemented and what your business would gain through implementing this service.

What is SSL VPN?

In everyday business life requiring sensitive information to be shared across channels, VPN comes in as a solution for any business that requires remote workers having access to business data without getting any confidential information leaked 1.

There are different types of VPN (virtual private network). SSL VPN is one of the various types of virtual private network that uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol in normal web browsers to provide secure and reliable VPN. The SSL VPN connection uses end to end encryption to safeguard any data that is being transferred between one endpoint to the other endpoint which is the SSL VPN server through which the client connects to the internet 2.

SSL VPN allows remote users to access restricted network resources, information, files, documents remotely through a securely verified pathway by encrypting all networks into looking as if the user is on the restricted community network despite being in any other location2 .Employees who work from home or go for business trips could have access to these confidential and important business data safely and securely through accessing the internet from outside the business premises.

SSL VPN encrypts and ensures that there is a smooth flow in transferring of data with an added layer of security thus making it more guarded hence making it impossible for hackers to try get through2. When allowing users to secure access to get the resources, it could improve and drive productivity and customer service3.

SSL VPN notifies users to authenticate their identity and if valid, the user gains access to the resources stored in the VPN which could include business documents, files etc.

Based on research, there are about more than 26% of internet users worldwide using VPN as they find it useful since they are able to make policy changes or edit authorization4,3. SSL VPN connections have the ability of restricting access for example allowing access to only those networks that have been permitted, not the whole network.

Why should your business implement SSL VPN?

VPN in general protects transferred data for example in emails, messaging apps etc. It acts as an extra layer of privacy/security to your company. Especially during this COVID 19 virus outbreak, there are many businesses starting to implement the SSL VPN as it allows employees to have easy access while they work from home. In addition, security should be the highest priority and concern of any business despite companies being small or big since there are increasing exposure of technology

Businesses use SSL VPN service to prevent any uncertified parties from hacking through the network communication and taking out any sensitive data like your business confidential documents, information and others. SSL VPN is a secure and flexible option for business and their employees as it could remotely connect to private business networks in whichever location you are placed at. SSL VPN basically sends information through a secured tunnel by encoding the data for security purposes for the data.

Benefits of SSL VPN
  1. Easy Access for End Users.

SSL VPN provides remote access to employees to confidential business information and data regardless of what location you are at. The different web browser and application used does not matter either hence making it have a reliable connection. SSL VPN aims to provide less complication for users hence users would only need a modern web browser 2.

  1. No installation required
    SSL VPN is also known as clientless VPN whereby there would be no requirements in installing any software compared to the IPSEC client approach 1. SSL aims to provide no complications for users. SSL VPN uses the TLS technology that has already been implemented in normal web browsers so there would not be any client software installation when implementing the SSL VPN2. This makes it very simple and effective for users as they don't need to download any extra software or go through different steps to create an SSL VPN. However, it only requires an updated browser so that users can gain access through their web browser.
  1. Improve workforce productivity/Mobility

When SSL VPN is implemented, employees can perform their duty even when they are not physically at work. Especially in this virus outbreak, people are more likely to work from home which helps with boosting up your company’s productivity. Employees can respond faster rather than having to say that they would have to return to work after business hours 8.

  1. Security

Every business has confidential data that should not be shared therefore with SSL VPN acting as an added layer of security, it protects all the private data that is being transferred through. The other feature that SSL VPN has is providing an additional layer of authentication like an ID that needs to be logged in before accessing the data. Hence making it difficult for hackers and attackers to steal passwords and gain authorization 9.

  1. Security Health Checks

SSL VPN can do security health checks on devices before permitting remote access to business resources. These checks could be checking for digital certification on whether the device has an expired or no certificate. With this it could allow or decline access depending on the certificate as it indicates whether the device is properly provisioned by the company. The other health check is making sure the device has antivirus software installed. If the device does not meet the antivirus policy, it could result in denying access to resources 7.

Types of SSL VPN

There are two types of SSL VPN which are “VPN Portal’ and ‘VPN Tunnel’.

  1. SSL VPN Portal allows only one SSL VPN connection at a time to remote websites. Users are then able to access the SSL VPN gateway through the web browser after being authenticated. Access is then gained by the webpage that acts as a portal5.
  1. SSL VPN Tunnel allows users to access multiple network services through normal web browsers or other applications and protocols that are not internet based. The server can be connected to numerous remote website and network service at the same time5.

Also, with a higher amount of people working from home, it could lead to wardriving which means that there are people looking around for vulnerable Wi-Fi to hack6. So, when installing VPN, it would lessen the risk. Therefore SSL VPN is a good way of keeping your data secured and would not only benefit the employees but also keep the business running through in times of difficulty.

Advanced features of SSL VPN

There are several advance features of SSL VPN like:

  1. Endpoint Security Compliance

These are set of rules before allowing users to log in with their credentials. Examples of these rules are anti-virus updates, scanning files and others5.

  1. Restriction

These are restrictions on allowing online access to certain websites in certain locations during appointed timings. There are also checks on backup operations during specified restriction timings5.

  1. Cache cleaning for windows

This occurs when users log out of the account. All non-permanent files would be deleted to clear the browsers cache5.

  1. Provide centralized access control

To help smoothen remote access operations. For example, users can be put into groups whereby after they are able to access specific resources7.

  1. Additional layers of authentication

SSL VPN is able to safeguard private and integrated network communication for remote users. For more protection, many companies have authenticated multiple times through various ways to make it highly unlikely for attackers to steal user’s password to gain access to organizations resources7.


Here at Netpluz, we can help your company set up ‘SSL VPN’ as this service is vital for your business to ensure connection, security and privacy for the mobile workforce. It is available for virtually every organisation – regardless of business size.

If you are interest or have any enquiries, please contact Netpluz at our office number +65 6805 8998 or email us at contact@netpluz.asia We can set up a virtual meeting to demonstrate how effectively we can support your ability to set up an effective work from home solution.


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